Tet Party 21 January 2018 – Reported by Jenni and Terry Coombs

On the 21st of January we ventured off into rural Vietnam to visit the beautiful children at the Phu Ninh Children’s Home. This was our third visit with our Vietnamese family friends Thao & Van. We were warmly welcomed by the children, the staff, Mr. Hung and some local women & their children.

The purpose of this visit was to enjoy a pre-TET celebration party with the children.

We were also asked if we would like to donate 1,000,000vnd for Mr. Hung to purchase much needed bikes so the children can get to school. Terry & I were more than happy to accept this request.


There was a woman with a very sick child in desperate need of 1,000,000vnd for life saving medical equipment. While it was quite uncomfortable for us (Westerners) to hand over cash to one women when there were clearly others also in need, we were assured that it was not a problem. So, between Thao, Lloyd, Esther, Terry & I we gathered together the money. The smile on her face and her genuine gratitude was heartwarming.



During the visit we also donated the 50+ children’s books written in English that came along in our luggage. This was something we discussed when we visited back in October. The children were very eager to look at the books even though only a few children can currently read English. Hopefully the books will be ‘read’ and loved by the children now that we are home in Australia.

It was also an opportunity to take photos of the individual children in readiness for the fundraising project which I began in July 2017 with the sale of many boxes of sunglasses.

It was quite a successful visit with our new supporters, Lloyd & Esther, who have also become our new friends with a shared passion for supporting this very worthy cause.

Kind regards,

Terry & Jenni

Author: Lloyd Bedik


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