School Fees: Mission Accomplished

By Esther Bedik

School in Vietnam is not expensive by Western standards, but it is not free. Inability to pay prevents many children, particularly those in the impoverished rural areas, from attending school. For Mr. Hung, Director of the Phu Ninh Children’s Home, the children’s education is a top priority, but the costs of school fees, books, and uniforms for almost 20 children loom large every fall.

Phu Ninh 1

Making sure that the children get a good education is a goal that is also close to the hearts of our Australian supporters, Jenni and Terry Coombs, who are both educators themselves. Jenni and Terry took on the challenge of raising the necessary funds for the upcoming school year. Thanks to their hard work and the generosity of their friends, many of whom are also educators, they have managed to raise enough money to cover the educational expenses for all the PNCH children who will attend school in 2018.

Last month, five local supporters of the Children’s Home were able to bring the first fruits of the Australian efforts to the Home—enough money to cover books and uniforms for everyone.


On Sunday, August 19, we will have the pleasure of bringing a second installment, which Jenni and Terry raised by having a celebratory dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This donation will cover the children’s school fees.


In addition, we will make our regular monthly donation of four million VND (about USD $180), which helps to improve the children’s nutritional intake. Mr. Hung and his staff make every effort to stretch the food budget. When he tells us the rock-bottom prices he pays for fresh fruits and vegetables (those that he cannot grow in the Home’s garden), I am truly amazed. As we have mentioned previously, when food is purchased locally, not only is the food fresh and the prices favorable, but we also benefit the local community.

Phu Ninh2We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in meeting and interacting with the children and chatting with Mr. Hung and his staff to join us this Sunday, August 19. Please contact me for details: or call/Zalo/WhatsApp/SMS to 01657033002. We look forward to meeting you!

For those of you who would like to support the Home financially, donations can be made via PayPal or GoFundMe using the links on this site. Thank you in advance for your generosity

Author: Lloyd Bedik


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